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Why Is Fire Door Maintenance Essential for Building Safety?

Date: 12/04/2024

Posted by: ignis

Picture this: you’re in a building, and a fire breaks out, but you’re calm since you know the building has fire doors that will save you. The delay in maintenance, however, causes the fire to spread through the door and inside the room, and suddenly, your safety is jeopardised! 

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A fire door is an overlooked hero in the fast-paced world of building and architecture. In the big scheme of construction, a fire door may not seem very important, but it is essential for protecting people and their possessions from the harm caused by fire. However, remember that your fire door needs regular servicing to do its job well, just like any alarm or safety monitoring device. 

Read below to find out why you need to book a fire door maintenance that you have been putting off lately. 

How is a Fire Door Different?

Fire doors are not typical doors. These are marked with an “FD rating,” which indicates how long these doors can withstand the fire. While most fire doors have a 30-to-60-minute protection rating, several also come with a 90 or 120 FD rating. Every part of the door, including hinges, seals, handles, and frames, must be secured. 

The door’s effectiveness in preventing fires depends on its condition, and if any repairs are necessary, they must not be postponed. Generally, get your fire door’s functionality checked every six months.

Fire Door Maintenance: the Essentials

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Fire door maintenance is essential for a building’s safety, and here’s how. 

  1. Smoke and fire control:

More people die from smoke inhalation from the fire than from the flames themselves, which is a significant concern that must be considered. A fire door has a smoke seal, an essential component in smoke management because it prevents smoke from entering the areas next to fire doors. Maintenance chores like inspecting and changing worn-out smoke seals are vital to keep yourself safe from the smoke of fires. 

  1. Escape routes:

A clock ticks fast in case of a fire. Fire doors installed along escape routes are necessary to direct passengers to safety. These doors are essential for evacuation but threaten lives if they malfunction or block people from passing through. Hence, all the fire doors at a building should be serviced regularly to keep them in good working order in an emergency.

  1. Safety of property:

A clock ticks fast in case of a fire. Fire doors installed along escape routes are vital to direct passengers to safety. These doors are essential for evacuation but threaten lives if they malfunction or block people from passing through. Hence, all the fire doors at a building should be serviced regularly to keep them in good working order in case an emergency occurs.

  1. Short-term repairs over long-term expenses:

To some, fire door maintenance may appear unnecessary, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run. For instance, you install a fire door but make no inspections; this fire door can turn all your belongings into ashes because it didn’t work fine when it needed to. By seeing problems early and fixing them before they become expensive, regular maintenance helps save a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, many building owners can save money with efficient fire doors since they help reduce insurance costs.

How to Maintain Your Fire Door:

To maintain your fire door, please ensure all its components work correctly.

  • Certification:

Look for the certification mark on the door’s top or side. You can determine whether the door has been tested and certified as a fire door by the regulatory departments. Be careful about the certificates when you evaluate older buildings; some may still have outdated fire doors that have not been maintained and may threaten you and your loved ones. 

  • Hinges:

Since fire doors are heavy, ensure the hinges that secure the fire door are correctly functioning. Any harm or loose fittings must be catered to promptly.

  • Handles:

The handles on the doors are regularly used, and a broken handle can compromise your safety amidst an emergency, so check that they are firmly fastened and in good functioning condition.

  • Self-Closing:

Since fire doors are self-closing, you ensure no blockage, and the self-closing mechanism works fine. Remember that fire and smoke could easily escape if there are any problems with this.

  • Intumescent seals:

These seals, which wrap around the door or frame, work so that they swell when heated. Please fix any damage to the intumescent seals you find during your fire door check because they seal any gaps and prevent the fire from spreading.

Invest in Safety- Safeguard Your Future: Buy Fire Doors from Ignis Doors:

As a silent protector against hazardous smoke and fire, fire doors are an unsung hero often overlooked for a building’s safety. But you have them installed; you need to take good care of them if you want them to work efficiently.

Owners and contractors of buildings have a responsibility to guarantee the safety of their tenants by making fire door maintenance a top priority. Building safety is improved, and people are safeguarded by investing in routine inspections, repairs, and upgrades. 

Although fire doors made by every company require regular inspection, the ones that are poorly installed or constructed compromise your safety. Hence, your best bet is to find the top-notch fire doors in the market. 

At Ignis Doors, we manufacture fire doors with the highest industry standards using cutting-edge technology. With over 20 years of making fire doors, Ignis Doors uses cutting-edge timber door manufacturing technology innovations. Quality and meticulous attention to detail combined with a qualified crew and the best production techniques keep our fire doors apart from the competition in the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do fire doors need to be maintained?

    Like any other safety equipment that could save lives, every fire door must be inspected regularly to be in good working order. Get your fire door checked and check the pressure of a fire extinguisher regularly.

    Where is a fire door required?

      In most cases, fire doors must be installed in every building to ensure everyone’s safety. These doors must be installed in every doorway that leads to escape routes. Additionally, a fire door must never be compromised in places like the kitchen. You should consult the experts who will walk you through the risk assessment for more direction. 

      How do you service a fire door?

        While servicing a fire door, ensure that the gap surrounding the door frame is between three and 4mm and that the hinges are tightly fastened. Please also ensure that no screws are missing from the fire door. Intumescent strips should be installed correctly at the top and sides of the door. Experts also suggest that the space at the bottom of the door should not be more than 8mm.