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Why Do You Need Fire Doors in Healthcare Facilities: A Basic Need

Date: 19/01/2024

Posted by: ignis

All public buildings indeed adhere to the highest standards of safety, which include offering adequate means to avoid the fire spread in the building. This holds the utmost significance in healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics because evacuating the building poses many problems due to a significant volume of elderly and very ill patients. The fire doors set up have become a fundamental part of safety at clinics, nursing homes, or hospitals.

In the blog post below, we will cover the significant role of fire doors in healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, care homes, and more.

fire doors in medical facilities

Fire Doors and Their Specifications:

In the case of fire emergencies, fire doors keep the fire from spreading beyond the original point, saving the people from the toxic smoke, flames, and heat that can spread to the entire building. Regarding safety, fire doors are made with varying resistance times. For example, an Fd30 door keeps the fire out for at least 30 minutes, an Fd60 for at least 60 minutes, and so on.

Fire Doors Installation:

This installation procedure requires the exact setup of fireproof doors engineered to resist the extreme heat of a blaze and stop the fire from getting inside the rooms. Ensure your fire door maker uses strong hinges, self-closing mechanisms, and intumescent seals during the installation. It is also critical to follow the maker’s specifications, the building’s rules, and fire safety regulations. 

Remember that any mistake during installation could affect the doors’ performance, compromising the building’s occupants’ safety. Thus, it’s common to seek professionals to ensure the job is done well.

Reasons to Get Fire Doors for Clinics and Healthcare Facilities:

Fire doors have become necessary and need an hour at every healthcare facility. Here are some of the reasons fire doors are a basic need for healthcare facilities;

Zero compromise on lives:

Life safety is the most essential thing regarding fire doors in healthcare centres. Everyone in the building is instantly at risk when a fire breaks out due to the fast spread of smoke, toxic fumes, and flames. Fire doors make the building safer by preventing the fire from spreading and ensuring the safe evacuation of patients and workers. Fire doors have become necessary in healthcare organisations since patients often have mobility problems or need specialised care around the clock.

Safety from smoke and hazardous gases:

Healthcare establishments install fire doors primarily to prevent the loss of life caused by fire eruptions. The quick spread of fire, smoke, and harmful gases endangers everyone inside the building during a fire outbreak. An essential specification is that fire doors stop not only the fire but also the smoke and hazardous gases in a specific region, making it easier for people to leave safely. Fire doors are preeminent in healthcare facilities because patients who need specialised care need to be evacuated with ease. 

Assets and property safe:

Important medical information, medications, and equipment are all kept inside the healthcare facilities. The facility’s ability to treat people and run smoothly could take a severe downfall if such infrastructure were to burn down in a fire. Other than protecting the people, safeguarding medical data and equipment from destructive fire is another goal of fire doors. This reduces the likelihood of economic losses and their long-term adverse effects on the hospital’s management while guaranteeing that patients receive continuous treatment without compromise. 

Hospital Fire Doors Standards and Regulations:

Ensuring the security of your tenants and nursing staff is a top priority for every healthcare institution, so fire doors are an integral part of the fire protection system.

Every hospital’s safety standards suggest the following regulations regarding the fire doors;

  • Every fire door within the hospital’s building must have no holes or breaks that compromise efficiency. 
  • The areas around the fire doors must always be kept clear, ensuring that the fire doors can close without hindrance. 
  • The fire doors must be regularly checked for wear and tear. If the doors have been damaged, they must be repaired or replaced immediately. 
  • Pivots and hinges must be regularly checked since damage to them means fasteners are either loose or damaged.

Fire Doors Maintenance Guidelines:

Doors at healthcare facilities need to be long-lasting, always functional, and easy to clean because of being constantly in use. These doors inevitably sustain damage from people, workers, beds, wheelchairs, etc. This is why taking care of your fire door becomes essential. 

The harm caused by regular wear and tear can weaken a door’s fire resistance, but it can also compromise necessary hygiene measures. One must immediately repair or replace a broken fire door to ensure the utmost significance of patient safety and hospital standards. 

best fire doors in medical facilities

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You must pick a fire door for your hospital that can withstand fire and hazardous smoke for a long time without wanting costly and inconvenient repairs or replacements over and over again. The simplicity of cleaning and easy maintenance is another crucial factor that makes fire doors a new norm. Remember that before you hire a professional fire door manufacturer to provide and install fire doors, they must show you certification markings and confirmation that their fire doors have undergone rigorous testing.

The high-quality making, extended lifespan, and little upkeep make Ignis Doors‘ fire doors an economical and practical choice that provides excellent performance at hospitals and wherever installed.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do Ignis Doors deliver their fire doors?

Ignis Doors, one of the leading fire doors industry in the market offers a convenience that goes unmatched. We offer fully assembled fire doors which means your doors are ready to be fitted inside the desired area. 

 How do fire doors provide safety in medical buildings?

Fire doors stop the spread of fire and provide patients more time to evacuate the building safely by creating a physical barrier. Additionally, they aid in the containment of harmful fumes and smoke, lowering the likelihood of respiratory problems. Since emergencies can occur at any time, patients, especially those with mobility issues or other special care needs, must always feel safe, and fire doors play a crucial role in this. 

Can healthcare facility fire doors be added later after construction?

Yes, in almost all cases. It is usually possible to increase fire safety in healthcare buildings by installing fire doors to the building. But remember, elements like the building’s structural design and conformity with present safety regulations determine whether the regular doors can be replaced with fire doors. Before deciding whether or not to add fire doors to a healthcare facility, it is wise to speak with fire safety experts and reputable door makers. Furthermore, to make a hospital’s environment safer for everyone, replacing your basic doors with fire doors is a great option.