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Which Types of Internal Fire Doors are Best for Your Home?

Date: 22/02/2024

Posted by: ignis

Fire doors are now mandated by the government for all residential and commercial buildings across the country that exceed a specific limit in occupancy numbers, but your house can still utilize the benefits that fire doors can offer. In this blog, we will look at the benefits of installing fire doors in low-occupancy residential units. Given the many types of building materials, which type is the best fire door for your house? Let’s start and briefly discuss the benefits of fire doors for your home. 


Fire doors for low occupancy residential units: the benefits 

The UK government has mandated the use of fire doors for high-occupancy residential and commercial buildings. The government has gone about doing so by mandating that each building with more than two stories has to have fire doors installed at key points throughout the building. 

While this specification obviously excludes houses that only have a single story, that does not mean that such residential units cannot utilize fire doors in their construction. Let’s look at the benefits of fire doors for your average, run-of-the-mill house in the UK. 

Passive fire protection

The fire door forms a central part of a building’s passive fire defense system that helps the occupants clear out and be rescued without there being much delay. You see, evacuating the occupants is of prime importance in an event as urgent as a fire, and time is of the essence in such cases. Fire doors provide passive fire resistance; they keep the fire contained within a specific room equipped with fire doors, giving authorities ample time to evacuate and lead the people to safety within time before the fire puts the structural integrity of the building at risk. 

Form and function

Besides providing passive fire protection, modern fire doors do not look out of place at all. In fact, with modern designs styles, and even colors, the contemporary fire door looks right at home in any house or building with a considerable décor, and while some people still think of fire doors as ‘stand out from the rest of the house’s décor’, this is not necessary. Fire doors come in all colors and styles, so getting a good one will only complement your house. 

Which type of internal fire door is best for your home?

Based on the many types of fire doors available, let’s look at which fire doors might be the best fit for your home. 

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Based on fire resistance

There are four major classifications based on the door’s fire resistance, and the time during which the door will maintain its structural integrity. 

  • FD30: FD30 stands for 30 minutes of fire resistance. That means that the door will maintain its structural integrity for 30 minutes and box the flames in before the door caves into the fire. Perfect for homes with minimal occupancy. 
  • FD60: FD60 offers fire resistance of up to 60 minutes, allowing for ample time for the house to be evacuated. This FD60 door is perfect for homes with children, as it provides ample response time for an orderly evacuation to be carried out. 
  • FD90: In the same vein as the rest of the doors, the FD90 offers even better protection. Designed for buildings with high occupancy numbers, these FD90 fire doors can also be used in houses with above-average occupancy, especially where you have elders. 
  • FD120: The pinnacle in passive fire protection and fire door technology. The FD120 is perfect for high occupancy homes where evacuation time is of peak importance. The cost for FD120 doors is also rather steep, but the value that you get from these is incredible. 

Based on the operation method

Fire doors, aside from their FD rating and their time of resistance to fires, also come in classifications based on their method of operations. Let’s take a look at them. 

  • Self-closing fire doors: Many high-tech and smart homes utilize advanced technology fire doors, and the self-closing fire door is a good example of this. These doors also have the added utility of completely sealing themselves shut once a fire breaks out, guaranteeing exceptional fire protection in such an event. These doors are perfect for your home as they provide ample time for the occupants to be evacuated and may even leave some time for you to remove your valuables from the house. 
  • Power-operated fire doors: As their name implies, these doors are operated either electrically or pneumatically and provide excellent passive fire protection. Once a fire breaks out, the door will automatically seal itself shut and cut off the power to avoid damaging the rest of the building. While these doors might be high-tech and a tad bit too expensive for a nominal household, they are excellent value for money for their passive security. 
  • Automatic-closing fire doors: Much like their power-operated counterparts, automatic closing doors are also operated electrically but are connected to the central fire alarm of a building. Suppose a fire breaks out, and the alarm is activated. In that case, it will automatically signal all the fire doors to close immediately, boxing in the flames and allowing all the occupants of the building to be evacuated within time. These provide the maximum protection from a fire and are the best fire doors for your house. 
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So, which one is the best for your home?

Choosing the best fire door for your home entails understanding your requirements and what you need to get out of the fire door. For example, in households where both elderly and young children live, with high fire susceptibility, you need ample protection from fire, and the fire doors need to stand up to the oppressive flames for as long as possible. In that case, we’d suggest using FD90 and above fire doors in an automatic configuration to maximize passive security and allow for ample evacuation time. On the other hand, if occupancy numbers are low and it’s not that much of a requirement, you can always use a simple FD30 fire door. It depends on what you are looking for to get out of the fire door, and your requirements for passive fire control. 

Ignis Doors: the best fire doors!

Your family and your house are the two things that you worry about the most. A fire is the most unfortunate and dangerous thing that can happen to both of these and what you need at such a time is protection with the best fire door. A fire door that does it all: protect the valuables within the house, give the occupants plenty of time to evacuate, and contain the fire so that the damage is limited. The best fire doors will do all that, and Ignis Doors, who are the experts in both fire doors and fire safety, will go beyond. With their fire doors rated FD60 and FD30 as well, these doors will ensure that absolutely nothing untoward happens to you, your family, and any valuables you may have in the house. With Ignis Doors, you can trust everything and absolute safety from a fire. Here’s why you should go with Ignis Doors for your fire doors. 

  1. Expert design, construction, and manufacturing of fire doors designed to maximize passive safety and fire retention. 
  2. No foam or honeycomb infills are used in any fire doors. 
  3. Solid core build, using only the best and most fire-repellent materials.
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