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Balance Security and Accessibility with our Fire Doors

Date: 31/01/2024

Posted by: ignis

Picture a busy office building, a crowded shopping mall, or a hospital setting full of patients. And suddenly, the fire breaks out. Safety takes a backstage, and people’s lives are put in danger. So, how do you stop this in the first place?

Regardless of every safety step, fire emergencies can occur at home, offices, hospitals, educational institutions, or anywhere around you. This is when the unsung heroes, fire doors, come into action. 

Fire doors are pivotal in not only being a solid barrier but also saving our lives and protecting the property. In the blog post below, Ignis Doors, an industry-leading fire door company, shall show how fire doors resist fire and provide a pathway to evacuate the building, striking the perfect balance between security and accessibility. 

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Why Choose Fire Doors?

A fire door is a unique invention that prevents smoke and fire from entering a room, hallway, or any other area next to it. They help significantly by stopping potentially fatal fires and smoke in buildings, making them an essential safety component.

Every fire door must pass testing to guarantee it is fireproof, smokeproof, and has all the necessary safety features like locks and seals. Fire resistance in a door can be determined by its rating, which might be 30, 60, or 120 minutes. The greater the fire rating a fire door has, the longer the door can resist intense heat and flames.

Fire doors perform some of the following functions like

  • Stopping the flames from entering the area, saving people’s lives
  • Protecting your property 
  • And containing the smoke and other hazardous gases within the area so the people are kept safe.

How Can You Balance Security and Accessibility With Our Fire Doors?

Ignis Doors takes pride in constructing the best quality fire doors in the market. Here’s how you can efficiently balance security and accessibility with our fire doors.

Security Features:

Security is of the utmost importance for fire doors, and Ignis Doors has made enormous progress in the past couple of years to set a benchmark for this element. The fire doors we offer are built with robust materials and seals that can endure high temperatures and do not allow smoke or flames to penetrate them. Our fire doors come with locks that add a layer of security without compromising convenience and efficiency.

We also offer our customers different security options from which they can choose: closer, knocker, letter plate, and chain.

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Individualized Solutions:

Ignis Doors understands that every individual has distinct accessibility and security requirements. To fulfill the varied requirements of our customers, we offer comprehensive customization options for our fire doors. Whether it’s size, color, hinge side of the door, or implementing particular features like thresholds, spy holes, closures, knockers, letter plates, rain deflectors, or chains, our team collaborates closely with customers to develop individualized solutions that are in line with the safety objectives of the industry.


Get accessibility and safety together with our Timber Wood fire doors, which are always up for grabs, making them easily accessible for you and your loved ones. 

Ignis Doors is dedicated to environmental responsibility, which goes beyond safety responsibilities. Using eco-friendly materials like Timber Wood in constructing our fire doors ensures that they save lives and positively contribute to preserving our surroundings. As an industry-leading organization, we are committed to ensuring the safety of the present and protecting the future of our people. 

Customer Support:

Ignis Doors is a company that strives to be accessible to its clients. We are not only available to our customers during the purchase process, but you can call us anytime from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM throughout the working days to get the help you need. 

Additionally, consistent maintenance and inspection are required to keep the delicate balance between accessibility and security of your fire doors. To ensure that fire doors maintain their best performance throughout time, Ignis Doors stresses the significance of routine maintenance. You can contact us for an annual inspection, during which we will tell you if the fire doors are working adequately or not.

Fire Safety Regulations:

Ignis Doors shows compliance with industry standards and regulations. All the fire doors at our company are certified, which means they are rigorously inspected and tested before being sold. 

Ignis Doors also complies with the UK’s fire safety laws, ensuring no compromise on safety and accessibility. 

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Security and Accessibility are Always a Priority at Ignis Doors:

What is the point of getting fire doors for your place if you can’t balance the security and accessibility with them? Make no compromises on your safety and book top-notch fire doors from Ignis Doors. 

Since emergencies can strike anytime, finding a company that balances accessibility and security is crucial. Navigate this challenge and get practical fire doors prioritizing your safety and convenience. 

The fire doors at Ignis Doors stand as a testament to our steadfast dedication to security. We ensure that we practice state-of-the-art technology in making our fire doors. Our user-friendly design with accessibility features is second to none. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can a fire door be used for access?

We occasionally consider whether a fire exit door can be used as a regular access door. Indeed, it is possible to do so; since it is utilized regularly, it is an excellent choice for a route of escape because its position is well known to the people in the building. 

Are there any security concerns with fire doors?

In a fire door, fire and smoke seals are essential components that must never be compromised. Since it is possible for smoke to leak through if the fittings are not done correctly, it could put individuals across the door or space in danger. When the door is not completely sealed, the smoke’s containment and the fire will harm the people. 

What is the main factor that sets fire doors apart from normal ones?

The ability of fire doors to withstand fire, without a doubt, is the most important distinction that sets them apart from conventional doors. As the fire ratings explain, fire doors are constructed to withstand smoke and fire for a predetermined time, such as 30 or 60 minutes.