Willen FD30 Internal Fire Door


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Introducing the Willen FD30 Internal Fire Door by Ignis Doors – Your Assurance of Safety and Style

Upgrade your interior spaces with the Willen FD30 Internal Fire Door, meticulously crafted by Ignis Doors. Engineered to prioritise both safety and aesthetics, this door combines innovative design with reliable fire protection, making it an essential addition to your home or commercial property.

Key Features:

FD30 Fire Rating

The Willen Internal Fire Door boasts a robust FD30 fire rating, providing you with a vital safety barrier in the event of a fire. This 30-minute fire resistance ensures precious time for evacuation and containment.

Premium Construction

Crafted with precision, our fire door is constructed from high-quality materials to guarantee durability and longevity. The solid core and reinforced frame contribute to its strength, making it a reliable choice for years to come.

Contemporary Design

Ignis Doors understands the importance of style. The Willen FD30 Internal Fire Door features a contemporary design that effortlessly complements modern interiors. Choose from a variety of finishes to match your decor and elevate the overall aesthetic of your space.

Easy Installation

Installing the Willen FD30 Internal Fire Door is a hassle-free process, thanks to its user-friendly design and comprehensive installation instructions. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or rely on professional help, the door’s installation process is straightforward.

Versatile Sizing

Our fire door is available in a range of sizes to suit various door frames, ensuring a seamless fit for your specific requirements. Explore our size options on the product page to find the perfect match for your space.

Compliance and Certification

Ignis Doors prioritises safety standards. The Willen FD30 Internal Fire Door adheres to industry regulations and holds relevant certifications, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the door’s reliability.