Hanslope FD30 Internal Fire Door


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Introducing the Hanslope FD30 Internal Fire Door by Ignis Doors – Your Trusted Guardian in Fire Safety

Ignis Doors proudly presents the Hanslope FD30 Internal Fire Door, a meticulously crafted and rigorously tested solution to enhance the safety of your living spaces. Designed with precision and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, this fire-resistant door provides an essential layer of protection without compromising on style or functionality.

Key Features:

FD30 Fire Rating

The Hanslope FD30 is certified with a 30-minute fire rating, offering a crucial buffer during emergencies. This door is engineered to withstand the spread of flames, granting you and your loved ones precious time to evacuate safely.

Premium Construction

Crafted with durability in mind, this internal fire door boasts a solid and robust construction. The core material is carefully selected to meet stringent fire safety regulations, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.

Sleek Design

Ignis Doors understands the importance of aesthetics in your living spaces. The Hanslope FD30 seamlessly combines safety with style. Its sleek design and high-quality finish make it an elegant addition to any interior, enhancing the overall look of your home or office.

Easy Installation

Ignis Doors prioritises convenience for our customers. The Hanslope FD30 Internal Fire Door is designed for straightforward installation, allowing for a hassle-free upgrade to your existing door system.

Versatile Applications

Whether you’re securing your residence or enhancing the safety of a commercial space, the Hanslope FD30 Internal Fire Door is a versatile solution. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various environments, offering reliable fire protection wherever it’s needed.

Compliance with Regulations

Ignis Doors takes pride in adhering to all relevant safety regulations. The Hanslope FD30 Internal Fire Door is meticulously tested and certified to meet or exceed industry standards, providing you with the confidence that your safety is our top priority.