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 Ignis Doors UK specializes in providing high-quality fire door solutions that prioritize safety and convenience within buildings.

An internal fire door is designed to contain the spread of fire and smoke within a building, ensuring the safety of occupants and aiding firefighting efforts.
Internal fire doors are made from fire-resistant materials and equipped with features such as self-closing mechanisms and intumescent seals. These features slow down the progression of fire and smoke, creating a barrier between different sections of a building.
Internal fire doors are commonly made from materials like fire-resistant steel, solid timber, and fire-rated composite materials.
Fire-rated glass panels provide visibility while maintaining fire resistance, allowing occupants to see through the door and ensuring a safer evacuation.
Internal fire doors need to be tested and certified according to relevant fire safety standards, ensuring their effectiveness in containing fires.
Internal fire doors are used in various settings, including residential buildings, to enhance safety and compartmentalization.
Internal fire doors play a crucial role in creating fire-resistant compartments, slowing down the spread of fire and smoke, and providing occupants more time to evacuate.
Yes, internal fire doors can often be customized to match the aesthetic and design requirements of a building while still meeting fire safety standards.
You can explore Ignis Doors UK’s range of internal fire doors, designed to harmonize safety and convenience, on this website or by contacting customer support for more information.