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How Can Fire Doors Be Your Life Saviour?

Date: 26/01/2024

Posted by: ignis

Fire doors are no longer a luxury or an optional feature in the building; they have become necessary. If a fire breaks out in a building, this simple standing structure may save the loss of life. With the placement of these doors, people can escape safely and swiftly. These fire doors are lifesavers because they stop fires from spreading across the building from one room to another. An essential part of any building’s fire protection strategy is installing and maintaining fire doors correctly. 

In this blog post, we will help you unveil the importance of fire doors, how they can save your life, and other associated information. 

Importance of Fire Doors:

Fire doors hold a significant value in our lives. These doors are specifically made to ensure heat for as long as 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of fire door in the building. Hazardous smoke, gases, and fire can’t cross these doors if the professionals place them in an accurate position. Fire doors allow people to evacuate the building safely and give firefighters more time to prevent the fire from spreading. 

How Can Fire Doors Save Lives?

First, fire doors have a straightforward and clear mechanism. These doors stop the fire from entering the room, helping people stay safe and providing enough time to flee from the building safely. 

Standard fire doors usually have a 30-or 60-minute protection against the fire, respectively. The main distinction between the two doors is the duration they can withstand the fire. There are two main focuses for fire doors in the case of a fire: firstly, to offer a barrier to control the fire within the area, and secondly, to provide a means of safe exit from the building.

Where Do Fire Doors Need to be Installed?

Although fire doors must be installed everywhere, there are some places where installing fire doors is extremely important.


In private residences like homes, fire doors should be put in places with high chances of fire eruptions. A fire door is a crucial safety feature in any building used for food preparation or other areas with a lot of combustible materials or electrical equipment.


All newly constructed buildings now have a rule of installing fire doors within the building. Although older buildings lack this feature, a trained professional can easily replace regular doors with fire doors.

Since offices and commercial buildings have hundreds of employees working inside, it is crucial to check the building’s safety by employing fire doors. Along with installing office fire doors, a safe route shall be created and marked with signage for a safe exit.

Hospitals and clinics:

Hospitals, clinics, rehab centres, nursing homes, and all medical-related departments and buildings must have fire doors installed. Since these places have a high amount of elderly and sick people, fire doors make the evacuation process easy in case of a fire eruption. 

Safety Checks for a Right Fire Door:

Fire doors, no doubt, save lives on an everyday basis. But, some factors must be considered since they play an essential role in saving our lives. 

Opting for the proper fire door manufacturer:

Among hundreds of sellers in the market, choose the one that offers the best fire doors. Ensure the company you select has positive reviews and tons of satisfied customers. 

Accurate installation:

Always hire someone who knows how to install a fire door properly. Incorrect installation compromises the efficiency of the fire door, risking people’s lives. 

Regular upkeep:

Regular upkeep of a fire door is crucial. Check your fire doors regularly and fix any issues you see immediately. When performing maintenance, see if the door’s structure, components, seals, and mechanisms work fine. Also, maintain records of all inspections and maintenance work done on the fire doors for reminders. 

Self-closing mechanism:

This one is by far the most essential feature of a fire door. The self-closing mechanism means that even if you have opened the door, it will close itself automatically. Just ensure there’s no blockage between the door that’s stopping it from closing. 


A good fire door has a certification of passing the testing process. When the fire door passes the testing procedure, the maker identifies and labels it. This label gives information about the door, certification, and fire rating. 

Smoke and intumescent seals: 

Intumescent seals expand to form a tight seal that stops the smoke and fire from entering any openings around the door. Ensure that the manufacturer securely fastens these intumescent seals around the door frame.

On the other hand, smoke seals work by protecting the area around a door from smoke. The role they play in preventing smoke inhalation is vital.

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All around the globe, fire doors play a pivotal role in prevention and assistance with fire safety. Essential measures to safeguard lives and property with the help of fire doors include following rules, ensuring the door’s hardware is installed correctly, and undergoing regular maintenance at least once every six months. When you prioritise fire safety and purchase high-quality fire doors from a reputable seller, you can make the building a safer place for every individual and lessen the chance of destruction caused by the fire. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the life of a fire door?

Regarding fire doors, there are no hard and fast rules regarding the recommended lifespan; however, with regular inspections and mindful usage, you can increase their life. Their reliability and less use can’t make them immune to the inevitable wear and tear that is supposed to occur over time. 

Does everyone need fire doors?

As a rule of thumb, we suggest everyone should install fire doors in their homes and offices. But a building with three or more than three portions must have fire doors. A fire door must be installed on every door from the living room to the stairs. In addition to the main entrance of the building, any garages or stores must also have fire doors fitted.

What is the most essential feature of a fire door?

The self-closing system of a fire door is undoubtedly the most essential part of the door since it closes the door automatically. Every time someone opens the fire door, it closes by itself, making no compromise on the safety of people.