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Fire Doors for Bedrooms: Safety and Style Designed Just for You

Date: 09/01/2024

Posted by: ignis

Having a good night’s sleep and not stressing about fire and smoke eruptions seemed like a dream in history. With the installation of fire doors at our homes for bedroom security, everything seems peaceful! Fire doors are specialised entrances that have been rigorously weather-tested and engineered to endure intense fires for an extended period. They are essential to passive fire protection systems because they allow structures to partition off and postpone fire spread. There are a handful of life-saving characteristics of fire doors that can save lives. When shut, fire doors create an obstacle to prevent the spread of fire, while when opened, they allow people to evacuate the building. 

This blog post shall explain you through everything from styles to safety that you need to know about bedroom interior fire doors. 

Fire Doors for bedrooms

A Guide to Bedroom Interior Fire-Resistant Doors:

Most of us will encounter fire doors regularly at home, at the office, or in a public institution. But how well-versed are you on the importance of fire doors and how they might prevent fatalities? Discover all you need to know about fire doors right here!

Fire Door Installation:

For fire doors to work as efficiently as possible, they must be installed correctly. Selecting a business that understands the need for expert installation and precise fitting is crucial when considering fire doors for your home. Ensure the company you choose provides personalised solutions, precise measurements, and routine evaluations, and chooses suitable fire door materials. 

Always remember that the better and more precise installation of fire doors, particularly fire door closers and fire-certified equipment, the better their fire resistance. 

Fire Door Benefits:

Fire doors protect occupants from potential harm in the event of a fire by replacing ordinary doors constructed of wood or other combustible materials with fireproof ones.

  • With fire-rated doors set up, you can rest knowing that in the event of a fire, the damage won’t be as bad as it would have been without the preparation.
  • Fire-rated door systems allow occupants more time to evacuate the premises in a fire or smoke emergency.
  • In addition to fire, this type of door can stop smoke and harmful gases, leading to even more deadly combustions immensely damaging persons and property in buildings that house dangerous substances.
  • Another advantage of fire doors is that they can block out noise because of their insulating properties. Fire doors can reduce the transmission of noise from rooms to other parts of your building if there are any sections where the machinery operating within makes a lot of noise.

Fire Door Specifications and Features:

  • Several parts come together to form a fire door. While timber frames are the norm for doors, fireproof glass is also an option. This glass is expected to be fire-tested to endure temperatures up to 30 or 60 minutes before eventually breaking.
  • A fireproof seal or strip will be applied to the door’s perimeter. To seal the spaces inside the door and frame, seals are chemically engineered to swell when temperatures go above 200°C.
  • Knowing the meaning of the various criteria is essential when selecting a door. An FD30 door, for instance, has been certified to endure a thirty-minute period of fire, which is the number of minutes that the FD code indicates. The two codes that are typically thought of as the most prevalent are FD30 and FD60.

Fire Door Safety Considerations and Regulations:

  • Closed fire doors should have air gaps of no more than 4 mm all the way through; ideally, light shouldn’t be able to seep beneath the door. Soothing smoke or fire won’t be able to move along the space because of this.
  • Make sure that all of the hinges are securely fastened and that no screws are either missing or damaged. Fire door hardware must only be serviced by qualified installers or specialists. 
  • You ought to permanently install an automated door closer and a symbol that defines the entrance as a fire door since it can only operate if it is closed during a fire.
  • To ensure they are up to code, reputable fire doors undergo extensive testing. In the event of a fire, door dependability can be assured by selecting doors that comply with local building requirements and certifications.

Fire Doors Style Designs:

Prioritising safety does not imply sacrificing attractiveness. Homeowners can easily incorporate modern fire doors into their interior design because of the wide range of available concepts, finishes, and styles. 

  • Colour Schemes: You may find fire doors in various colours to match your bedroom’s decor. As a result, the door will complement the room’s decor without drawing attention to itself.
  • Minimalistic Features: Several fire door designs are available with sleek, minimalist looks that incorporate metal accents, perfect for homes that adhere to a more contemporary style. These doors enhance the modern atmosphere while also prioritising safety.
  • Glass and Wooden Looks: Fire-rated doors with wooden touches provide a classic and elegant option for individuals who value heritage and rustic style. Wood’s natural grains and textures can make any bedroom feel more luxurious and secure. Professionals might also recommend a particular kind of glass to enhance the doors’ visual appeal.
bedroom Fire Doors

Explore Fire Door Choices Only at Ignis Doors:

Fire doors have become an integral part of our lives. Now you can rest and sleep knowing you are safe from fire and smoke, thanks to fire doors! We hope that all your queries regarding fire door information have been answered. 

To get the best quality fire doors, we suggest you trust no other than Ignis Doors! Ignis Doors is a one-stop shop for homeowners who want their bedrooms to be secure while yet looking great. Our fire doors are crafted to elevate the aesthetic value of your living area while offering unmatched protection. We achieve this through expert installation, high-quality guidelines, compliance with regulations, and continuous servicing. Make a bold fashion statement with Ignis Doors and enhance your home’s security.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is regular maintenance of fire doors essential?

Upkeep is essential to keep your fire doors working properly. Professional maintenance should be scheduled annually, at the very least. Maintaining your doors in top shape entails looking for wear and tear, ensuring all parts work as they should, and fixing anything that needs fixing.

Will my bedroom decor be compromised with the addition of fire doors?

No never! Your bedroom’s aesthetics never need to be compromised because of a fire door. You can add stuff like temporary decorations that don’t hinder the door’s function but make it look more appealing. It is also important to contact a professional who offers a variety of designs, materials, and finishings so that adding safety may not compromise your style. 

Can fire-resistant doors be painted?

No specific paint is required for fire doors; however, fire-certified hinges, locks, and equipment must be used. Regular paint or coating can paint fire doors without affecting efficiency. If seals are present, do not use heat or chemical paint removers to remove the paint. Also, don’t paint over the seals, hardware, or hinges. Fire doors do not have to be ugly or unattractive. To improve the aesthetics of your fire door, you can select from various tinting and finishing options.