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Do You Need Fire Doors in a House?

Date: 15/09/2023

Posted by: ignis

Fire escapes aren’t exactly the best thing when it comes to visualizing your home during construction. You don’t want to add it, but it is a requirement, albeit only applicable in certain situations under UK law. Today, we’ll be looking at whether or not you need fire doors in a house, and what are the local regulations regarding fire doors in the UK. Since accident prevention needs to be an active measure within certain localities, getting a fire door for your house is certainly something that will help prevent any mishap, should anything go wrong. Lets first start with what is a fire door, and then we’ll move on to getting fire doors for your house and the regulations surrounding it. 

What is a fire door?

Unless you’ve been reading it wrong, fire door isn’t something that you use to access a fire escape route. On the contrary, a fire door is any integral part of a building’s fireproofing plan that helps keep the flames limited to certain parts of the building, and stops it from spreading any further, endangering further people and further putting at risk any other objects in the house that could be susceptible to destruction by fire. 

Since a fire door is designed to keep flames within a specific perimeter, it is therefore a part of the passive firefighting apparatus within a building. As part of the active firefighting measures, many buildings will also have fire retardants and sprinklers installed, along with an array of smoke detectors. 

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The main job, as stated beforehand, of a fire door, is not to provide an escape route but rather box in the fire and prevent it from spreading beyond control. Since there is always an imminent structural danger to the building once the flames reach a certain point, fire doors can be crucial in preventing both human and material losses during such an event. 

Why do houses need fire doors?

Well, apart from the obvious answer, the simple matter of fact is this: spreading fires have the potential to get out of control, and in places where houses are rather tight-knit, fire doors can mean the difference between localized fire damage to widespread catastrophe. As such, fire doors in your house can prevent a situation from escalating, and also gives the responding firefighters a target to focus on and effectively work to suppress the flames. 

Do you need fire doors in a house?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, it depends on the construction and the floor plan of the building. Every house should have a fire door; that is what the NHS recommends. Since accidents don’t announce themselves, the main goal is to reduce the impact of a fire and not let it spread across the building. As such, even a small house should have a fire door to ensure a small mishap in the kitchen or near the electronics stays localized. Without a fire door, the occupants will run the risk of having the fire spread to other parts of the house, which could in turn put other occupants of the house and valuable objects within the premises at risk. 

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As for the long answer, there are specific government and NHS guidelines that set out parameters on which houses must have fire doors. These parameters cover renovations and overhauls as well, so, if you are looking to turn an old cottage into a new one, you should consider getting fire doors ahead of the process so it doesn’t become a drag later on. 

NHS regulations on fire doors

According to the guidelines, ‘any new build or home renovation, exceeding three floors must have fire doors fitted to every habitable room that leads from a stairwell’. While most homes are double stories or a single-story building, these are exempt from NHS requirements for fire doors and can be built or renovated without having to install them. 

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However, apartment blocks with three or more floors, or residential spaces which satisfy this requirement, whether a new build or a renovation project, will have to have fire doors installed. This means that each floor will have a layout centered around a stairwell that connects to the living rooms, that are then cordoned off by a fire door that seals off any room more susceptible to igniting a fire. As such, this will ensure that any such mishap that could have the potential to engulf the entire structure in flames will stay safe, giving the first responders and firefighters a better chance of putting out the fire and dousing it before the flames get out of control. 

The bottom line

The bottom line is, that while NHS binds certain constructions with having fire doors, whether or not your home falls within the category, you should have fire doors installed. Not only do they provide excellent passive firefighting potential, but will also keep the occupants safe in the event a fire does break out. And should a fire break out, it will not only be stunted but firefighter will have considerable ease in controlling it and eventually dousing it. 

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